Vast Opportunities for Those with an Accounting Degree


Earning an Accounting Degree

Getting all the proper education and certification to be an accountant may seem tedious at first glance, but with an expected occupational growth of 11% by 2024, it is a promising field to invest your future in. Accountants are expected to earn a minimum education of a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Increasingly, employers are giving preference to those with a master’s degree.

Every accountant that files a report with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). To earn this certification requires 150 semester hours of college coursework, and the passing a national exam, or years of experience in public accounting.

Though that may seem like an overwhelming amount of work, accountants are rewarded for their time, making an average of $67,190 a year in 2015.


The Job Field

Accounting goes beyond just number crunching, cubicles, and stiff suits. Common jobs that accompany accounting degrees often include:

  • Tax consultants

  • Internal & External auditors

  • Public accountants

  • Accounts payable clerk

  • Billing clerk

  • Budget analyst


However, though these jobs are most frequently pursued, there is an even wider range of possibilities with an accounting degree that are often overlooked. Some jobs available to those with an accounting degree that you might not have considered include:

  • FBI Agent - Whether you prefer the calm of administration or the thrill of criminal investigations, The Federal Bureau of Investigation hires people with accounting degrees for both. Accounting is a highly valued, critical skill to the FB,I and will give you an edge when applying. The FBI looks for administrative members to balance budgets and manage finances, meanwhile, criminal investigators work to uncover fraud or embezzlement.

  • Personal Financial Advisor to the Stars - Ever wonder how celebrities spend their millions? Though it is more difficult to break into this field than others, due to the scarcity of jobs available and high trustworthiness necessary, if you work as a personal financial advisor, you could find yourself making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The chief responsibilities of this position are to help stars like Angelina Jolie or George Clooney make investments, plan their estates, and manage large expenditures.

  • Merger and Acquisition Accountants - In the business world it is all too common to see companies merge or be sold to other companies. This process is risky, resulting in failure 83% of the time. Companies rely on specialized accountants to advise them on the best procedure to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Entertainment/Sports Accountant - “Lights, camera, action,” or “Play ball!” If you love the world of entertainment or sports, accountants are used in both industries to set budgets, determine payroll, and keep the books. Your work keeps your favorite team playing or your favorite TV show up and running.

  • Teaching - Accounting doesn’t have to be an individual profession. Professors are some of the highest paid professionals holding an accounting degree. Professors conduct research in the financial field as well as teach classes.



Accounting does require more education and training than other jobs, however, it is also a wide and growing field. Those with accounting degrees can use their analytical skills in fields they are passionate about, whether that be sports, entertainment, business, or crime.

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