Below are some of the features found within our Introduction to Accounting App. You’ll find these features have tremendous benefits as they help you excel in the accounting fundamentals.


Talking Head

You will love “Norm” Nemrow. He was rated as the #1 professor at the #1 accounting university in the world. He’s engaging and hilarious. For his significant contribution to accounting education, and other charitable activities, Norm received the National Points of Light award from President George W. Bush. But what you might find even more interesting is Norm did all of this as a volunteer. Norm “retired” at age 29 after being the CEO of one of the largest real estate investment firms in the country. Norm now spends most of his time in service and philanthropy.

Detailed Slide Window

Just think, with a textbook you get a bunch of words with a few pictures and exhibits, and somehow they expect you to learn accounting. Yeah, right. No wonder accounting is such a hated subject. With as many as 900 slides in a lesson, we don’t just explain accounting from the best professor in the world but we SHOW you in tremendous detail. Finally, your accounting synapses make those connections.


Variable Speed Playback

We have been one of the pioneers of variable speed playback in instructional technology. Our app allows you to move through the lessons at over 2X times the normal speed with increased comprehension. That means you can view an hour of content in less than 30 min. It’s a huge time saver. You will love this tool!


We know, it’s tough to get super excited about a glossary, but then again, you haven’t used ours. We use a linked-to-learn vocabulary system so you can learn concepts and principles within the context of other definitions. It’s very helpful when studying for an exam. Furthermore, the explanations we provide for each definition are more detailed and expansive than any other learning tool available today


Integrated Problems

Learn a section of the lesson and then cement the concept with an integrated problem. This proven learning method helps users solidify and recall information with higher efficiency. We have awesome hints and walkthroughs videos that help you see how to solve the problems with ease.

Practice Quiz

Ready to challenge yourself? We have a lot of additional practice quizzes to test your knowledge of accounting principals. Great for exam preparation or getting the edge for that big business deal!