Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course really free? What’s the catch?

The Introduction to Accounting Course is 100% free! We offer the world our finest accounting course for FREE with no strings attached. If you would like to further your education, we have additional products that expanded upon this free course.

Is the free course watered down?

Not at all. This is our flagship course and the best we have to offer. Over 50,000 students have paid for and successfully completed these lessons and now we are giving it away for free.

Why are you offering it for free?

Because we know a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business and accounting can transform people lives for the better all over this planet. Our learning tools can help instill this knowledge within everyone. Therefore, we want to make it available for everyone regardless of income level.

Who made these courses?

We worked with Brigham Young University to develop these courses. BYU is rated as the #1 accounting university in the world. These courses are the gold standard for accounting instruction.

How do I know this is quality instruction?

Fair question. But we need brag just a little to answer the question properly. We designed this software as a collaborate effort with the #1 accounting university in the USA and #1 in the WORLD (rated by the London Financial Times and Business Week). It’s recommended by Harvard for its incoming MBA students who have not had an accounting course. This is the best learning resource of its kind on the planet bar none. Give it try and you’ll see for yourself.

Can I get a certificate of completion for this course?

Yes! We do offer a certificate of completion but only for users that purchase at least one of our courses. To get a certificate users must complete at least 90% of the videos of the course, and have at least an 80% practice quiz combined score. Quizzes can be redone until you get a higher score.

What apps are available for me to use?

We have our online version for the free course. We have a desktop version for users who pay for a course. You may be able to download the the desktop version from our website but the registration process will not work until you purchase a course.

Who is this software designed for?

There are several types of people that will find this software especially helpful.

  1. Students who are stuck in an accounting course at some university or college and are LOST. We can help you find your way with clear explanations.

  2. Entrepreneurs who have a great idea but need help in running a business. These courses will help you realize your dreams.

  3. Investors Investors who want to better understand and analyze stock market investments and other business opportunities.

  4. Employees who wish to advance their careers with increased business knowledge and skills.

I am taking an accounting course and am having a hard time. Can this software help me?

Yes, that’s why we are making this course available. Let’s face it, virtually all accounting courses at every college or university on the planet are ROUGH to say the least. We know how hard and boring it can be. At the university that helped us develop this software (BYU), this course continues to be one of the most popular on campus. We’re not joking. Our courses are designed to help students take the principles of accounting and apply them to become business decision makers. It’s not about bean accounting, it’s about understanding information, leadership, and making decisions. That is why people love our course.

I’m a professor. Can I use this as a resource in my course?

Yes. We have been in schools all over the world, from the UAE to China and throughout the USA. This software is a complete textbook replacement product. You can have your students use the free course or we offer a volume price discount on the additional courses. However, if you want exams and quizzes, the ability to track your students, and our help implementing the course inter school, the software must purchased by either the school or the students. Please contact us so we can get you started.

I represent an online university. Is this resource a good fit for our school?

Absolutely! This course is perfect for online universities. Our software is used by one of the largest online universities in the USA and their students love our course. They love the virtual classroom environment our software provides them, as well as the additional resources like the practice quizzes and the expansive glossary. Online students no longer have to learn accounting from a textbook, which is tremendously difficult for most students. This is the greatest accounting resource available for online or traditional students. Please contact us so we can tell you more about how we can fulfill your accounting resource needs.

What concepts do you cover in your accounting software?

We cover every concept in traditionally taught in introductory financial and managerial accounting.The specific topics can be seen here.

Where can I find the accounting glossary online?

The accounting glossary can be found here.