About Our Company



LearnAccountingForFree.com provides instructional technology to individuals, businesses, and universities. The content providers for LearnAccountingForFree’s instructional material are professors at Brigham Young University (ranked as the #1 accounting university in the world by the London Financial Times). Combined, these instructors have over 50 years of teaching experience, and are some of the top accounting professors at BYU (as rated by students). The software has been used at Brigham Young University for over 15 years. More and more top schools (including Harvard Business School) are adopting the software in their programs.


We are firm believers that business is inherently good. Businesses not only provide goods and services to communities but they also have tremendous power through the entrepreneur to transform and enrich the lives of everyone who participates. We are not aware of a better catalyst to help people move from poverty to prosperity than business. Our vision is not to just help accounting students, but also to educate the world with the finest business course available so that people might prosper. We want everyone, regardless of circumstance, to come and learn so they can lift themselves and realize their dreams.